Meet the Committer: Mahadev Konar

We had another amazing turn out on our Ambari webinar with Matt Foley a couple of weeks back. This series was meant to educate Hadoop enthusiasts and help them gain better understanding of the value of Hadoop and I think we’re on the right track. If you missed or would like a refresher from our last two webinars (Pig and Ambari) you can find the recording here:

We’re starting the third installment of the “Future of Apache Hadoop” series next Wednesday on “Scaling Apache Zookeeper to the Next Generation Applications” with Mahadev Konar (@mahadevkonar) Hortonworks co-founder and core contributor and PMC member of the Apache Zookeeper.

Get to know Mahadev in this third installment of our “Meet the Committer” series.

Kim: Tell us about your current role and how you interact with Apache Hadoop?

Mahadev: Currently I am leading the effort on Apache Ambari. I have spent last 5 to 6 years of my life working on Apache Hadoop and its eco system.

Kim: How did the Zookeeper project come about?

Mahadev: Apache ZooKeeper was started by a couple of my colleagues in research (Flavio and Ben) both brilliant researchers from Yahoo! (Ben has currently moved on to a different opportunity). I started working with them from the early days of ZooKeeper. We had first open sourced ZooKeeper in Sourceforge but then later moved it as a subproject of Hadoop.

Kim: Can you provide a sneak peek of your presentation and what do you expect will be key take-away for folks attending this webinar?

Mahadev: I’ll be going through a couple of use cases for Apache ZooKeeper and basic tutorial on what ZooKeeper is. The talk will also focus on the upcoming features in Apache ZooKeeper.

If you haven’t already, register now and join us next Wednesday (October 17, 2012) at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT to discuss Apache Zookeeper:

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