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Nothing happens in a vacuum anymore.  Cities now have the ability to use information collected from a massive variety of sources in order help solve common city problems.  The information can arise from anywhere – tweets, blog posts, and meter readings all can serve to inform public officials (and citizens as a whole) about how to better interact in a data-drenched world.

Most famously, IBM’s Smart Cities initiative looks at how city governments meet the needs of their expanding populations by using available resources more efficiently. …

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Apache Hadoop YARN – Background & Overview

Celebrating the significant milestone that was Apache Hadoop YARN being promoted to a full-fledged sub-project of Apache Hadoop in the ASF we present the first blog in a multi-part series on Apache Hadoop YARN – a general-purpose, distributed, application management framework that supersedes the classic Apache Hadoop MapReduce framework for processing data in Hadoop clusters.…

Other posts in this series:
Introducing Apache Hadoop YARN
Apache Hadoop YARN – Background and an Overview
Apache Hadoop YARN – Concepts and Applications
Apache Hadoop YARN – ResourceManager
Apache Hadoop YARN – NodeManager

Introducing Apache Hadoop YARN

I’m thrilled to announce that the Apache Hadoop community has decided to promote the next-generation Hadoop data-processing framework, i.e. YARN, to be a sub-project of Apache Hadoop in the ASF!

Apache Hadoop YARN joins Hadoop Common (core libraries), Hadoop HDFS (storage) and Hadoop MapReduce (the MapReduce implementation) as the sub-projects of the Apache Hadoop which, itself, is a Top Level Project in the Apache Software Foundation.…

Earlier, in the “Big Data in Genomics and Cancer Treatment” blog post, I explored how the extensive amount of information in DNA analysis mostly comes from the vast array of characteristics associated with people’s DNA make up and with different cancer variations. The case with today’s healthcare is very similar. Each patient is unique and has thorough medical history records that allow doctors to make evaluations and recommendations for future treatments.…

Small companies, big data.

Big data is sometimes at odds with the business-savvy entrepreneur who wants to exploit its full potential.   In essence, the business potential of big data is the massive (but promising) elephant in the room that remains invisible because the available talent necessary to take full advantage of the technology is difficult to obtain.

Inventing new technology for the platform is critical, but so too is making it easier to use.…

As organizations continue to ramp the number of MapReduce jobs processed in their Hadoop clusters, we often get questions about how best to share clusters. I wanted to take the opportunity to explain the role of Capacity Scheduler, including covering a few common use cases.

Let me start by stating the underlying challenge that led to the development of Capacity Scheduler and similar approaches.

As organizations become more savvy with Apache Hadoop MapReduce and as their deployments mature, there is a significant pull towards consolidation of Hadoop clusters into a small number of decently sized, shared clusters.…

As Apache Hadoop has risen in visibility and ubiquity we’ve seen a lot of other technologies and vendors put forth as replacements for some or all of the Hadoop stack. Recently, GigaOM listed eight technologies that can be used to replace HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) in some use cases. HDFS is not without flaws, but I predict a rosy future for HDFS.  Here is why…

To compare HDFS to other technologies one must first ask the question, what is HDFS good at:

  • Extreme low cost per byte
    HDFS uses commodity direct attached storage and shares the cost of the network & computers it runs on with the MapReduce / compute layers of the Hadoop stack.

Last week was an important milestone for Hortonworks: our one year anniversary. Given all of the activity around Apache Hadoop and Hortonworks, it’s hard to believe it’s only been one year. In honor of our birthday, I thought I would look back to contrast our original intentions with what we delivered over the past year.

Hortonworks was officially announced at Hadoop Summit 2011. At that time, I published a blog on the Hortonworks Manifesto.…

The following is Part 2 of 2 on data in education. The first article introduces the concept and application of data in education. The second article looks at recent movements by the Department of Education in data mining, modeling and learning systems.

Big data analytics are coming to public education. In 2012, the US Department of Education (DOE) was part of a host of agencies to share a $200 million initiative to begin applying big data analytics to their respective functions.…

Big Data Shopping Bag

With big data basking in the limelight, it is no surprise that large retailers have been closely watching its development… and more power to them! By learning to effectively utilize big data, retailers can significantly mold the market to their advantage, making themselves more competitive and increasing the likelihood that they will come out on top as a successful retailer. Now that there are open source analytical platforms like Hadoop, which allow for unstructured data to be transformed and organized, large retailers are able to make smart business decisions using the information they collect about customers’ habits, preferences, and needs.…

We’re heading to our very first OSCON conference to talk all things Apache Hadoop, the biggest gathering for the entire open source community in Portland, Oregon, and we would love to meet you there!

Meet our founders, Arun Murthy and Mahadev Konar, along with others from the Hortonworks team at this year’s conference.

There are many ways to meet the Hortonworks team and we would love to chat with you about how you are considering using Hadoop.…

Working code examples for this post (for both Pig 0.10 and ElasticSearch 0.18.6) are available here.

ElasticSearch makes search simple. ElasticSearch is built over Lucene and provides a simple but rich JSON over HTTP query interface to search clusters of one or one hundred machies. You can get started with ElasticSearch in five minutes, and it can scale to support heavy loads in the enterprise. ElasticSearch has a Whirr Recipe, and there is even a Platform-as-a-Service provider,…

The following is Part 1 of 2 on data in education.  The first article introduces the concepts of how data is used in education.  The second article looks at recent movements by the Department of Education in data mining, modeling and learning systems.

Learning to Learn

The education industry is transforming into a 21st century data-driven enterprise.   Metrics based assessment has been a powerful force that has swept the national education community in response to widespread policy reform. …

What lessons might the anime (Japanese animation) “Ghost in the Shell” teach us about the future of big data?  The show, originally a graphic novel from creator Masamune Shirow, explores the consequences of a “hyper”-connected society so advanced one is able to download one’s consciousness temporarily into human-like android shells (hence the work’s title).  If this sounds familiar, it’s because Ghost in the Shell was a major point of inspiration for the Wachowski brothers, the creators of the  Matrix Trilogy.…

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to the more than 2,200 attendees, speakers and sponsors that helped to make Hadoop Summit 2012 a great success. There was tremendous buzz throughout the conference; exceeding the excitement levels of all past Hadoop conferences. It’s a great indicator for the future of Apache Hadoop and the broader big data ecosystem.

The content from this conference was outstanding, from the opening keynotes to the last round of breakout sessions.…

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