Recap of Hadoop Summit 2012

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to the more than 2,200 attendees, speakers and sponsors that helped to make Hadoop Summit 2012 a great success. There was tremendous buzz throughout the conference; exceeding the excitement levels of all past Hadoop conferences. It’s a great indicator for the future of Apache Hadoop and the broader big data ecosystem.

The content from this conference was outstanding, from the opening keynotes to the last round of breakout sessions. I wanted to thank the track chairs (Abhishek Mehta, Ashish Thusoo, Avik Dey, Ben Reed, Peter Sirota and Val Bercovici) for making the hard decisions that led to such an outstanding agenda. I thought the group did a great job selecting the right mix of technical, use case and best practices sessions for developers, operators and analysts. I would also like to thank the more than 110 speakers for putting in the time and effort to share their Apache Hadoop experiences.

All of the sessions at this year’s conference were recorded and we are in the process of editing these videos for placement on the Hadoop Summit website. We have also now posted most of the slides as well. Simply visit the Sessions¬†page to access the slides and recordings.

I am pleased to announce that all of the keynote session recordings are now available. These include compelling presentations from the following speakers:

Geoffrey Moore (author of “Crossing the Chasm” and “Escape Velocity”)

Scott Burke (SVP, Advertising & Data, Yahoo!)

Dr. Philip Shelley (CTO, Sears)

Scott Gnau (VP and GM of R&D, Teradata)

Shaun Connolly (VP of Corporate Strategy, Hortonworks)

Eric Baldeschwieler (CTO, Hortonworks)

Also, if you have not yet seen the introductory video from Hadoop Summit, I strongly encourage you to watch it now (below). I have heard from quite a few folks that this video got them even more excited about the role they have played in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

(click HERE for a full screen version on Vimeo)

On behalf of this year’s co-hosts Hortonworks and Yahoo!, let me again thank everyone for their role in making Hadoop Summit 2012 such a success. Because of the emergence of Apache Hadoop as the foundation of the next generation enterprise data architecture, I have no doubt that next year’s conference will be even bigger and better. I can’t wait.

~ John Kreisa

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