Welcoming Julian Hyde to Hortonworks

I’d like to take a quick moment to welcome Julian Hyde as the latest addition to the Hortonworks engineering team. Julian has a long history of working on data platforms, including development of SQL engines at Oracle, Broadbase, and SQLstream. He was also the architect and primary developer of the Mondrian OLAP engine, part of the Pentaho BI suite.

Julian’s latest role has been as the author and architect of the Optiq project – an Apache licensed open source framework.

Hortonworks engineering has already been working with Julian to integrate Optiq’s cost based optimizer with Apache Hive as the next stage of the Stinger Initiative. This integration will allow queries to execute with optimal plans without requiring the user to specify complicated hints or to write their queries in a particular form or order.  The Optiq optimizer will also streamline the development of additional SQL compatible features into Hive.

It didn’t take long to for us to conclude that Optiq was a project we wanted to help nurture and grow on its own merits as well. Our goal is simple: help Julian and a growing community of Optiq contributors to develop this technology and integrate it deeply into the growing world of Enterprise Hadoop. Stay tuned for more details.

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